"Oh Dad, why does Sarah always get to and Naemi always get to...but I never get to!"

OK, I won't give mom the satisfaction of posing with this hat, even if I think it is a very cool hat!

Are those Cons or Keds?

'Getting my picture taken...yeah!'

'Oh great, getting my picture taken again.'

'Getting my picture taken one more least this year I am fortunately wearing my Garanimals.'

Little did he know that one day women would date him for his car.

'Wait...Santa made a mistake...this is a girl's present!'

'Heh, heh, heh...she got clothes again!'

Every year Naemi mails her brother a strange gift from Chicago, and every year mom has to take a picture of it.

Handsome like his old man!

With a smile permanently etched on his face, Eric muttered under his breath, "Are we paying by the minute or by the photo?".

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